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Your summer was FANTASTIC.
But does every good habit you previously set now seem to be a thing of the past?
Does it feel like the time to reign it in and get back on course?

Are you ready to get focused? 
September is the time of year to get organized, set some new goals to focus on becoming your best self.

You don't have to do it alone. 
In this challenge you will be guided and supported by teachers, materials and a community of like-minded people who are all ready to re-focus.

Register Today to Re-Focus

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Special Guest: Ashley Russ Nutrition Workshop - Included

After years of struggling with gut health and Celiac disease, Ashley began to take a serious look at the power of food.  She discovered that her relationship with food went much deeper than what she put on my plate. Loading her plate with stress, work, life changes, and other external pressures that took on the appearance of lots of meat and processed foods.  As she addressed her issues, she began noticing what she put on her plate changed.  She began eating more plant-based, mindful meals which led to more energy to move.


Ashley believes that a strong mind, body, and plate connection exists.  Habits, lifestyle, and personal beliefs shape who we are and what we eat.

She will be working with us to identify our own connections and how to make lasting changes through health and nutrition.

For more details on her coaching services and programs, visit

Where focus goes energy flows


Past Challenge Participant

I liked the accountability and having something in front of me to remind me of my goals!

I loved having a community to share successes and bumps in the road!

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Past Challenge Participant

I love Steff's classes and the camaraderie/support from all the other participants!


Past Challenge Participant

I loved it!  I felt that I was successful in using the challenge and the group support to further my own personal health goals. It was well worth the small personal investment and I highly recommend it to others hoping to make a change in their health habits!

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