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Hi! I'm Stephanie Campanelli

I felt so awkward in my first yoga class.

Some classes I walk into have so many unwritten rules that I feel I need the secret handshake just to participate. 
Sound familiar?

I believe that yoga doesn't have to be so serious!

I remember my first yoga class. My best friend and I giggled through the whole thing. It was just so serious. The music, the clothes, the vibe, wait....are they chanting?  We did not get that memo.  When we finally left 1/2 way through, I think everyone was relieved.  We were just a couple of friends just looking to try something new, maybe find a little bit of peace.  Instead, we peaced-out!
That was years ago.  What I have learned is that yoga should make you feel good, not embarrassed, or weird, or out of place, or that you're not part of the cool lunch table.  Through my training and experiences, I created a style of yoga that teaches you how to use your body on and off the feel GOOD! 
I make yoga approachable. I make yoga fun. I guide you through all of the nuances of yoga to help you feel good in your body and meet your goals of flexibility, inner peace, and strength.  You will never feel embarrassed or shamed or stupid or out of place.  My classes make you feel like you're part of a community, The Laughing Yogi Community.

I promise you’ll laugh when you fall, cry when you have an AHA moment and exhale into your peacefulness.

I De-Mystify Yoga and Make it Playful.

Whatever your goals, I’ve got your back.

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