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In-Person Classes & Events

Laughing Yogi is popping up all over town.

We're taking the show on the road baby.  Take in-person yoga flow classes with LYY at locations around Rochester. 

Classes @ Compass Cycle & Flow

Yoga Flow Monday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Join me in an amazingly awesome community with an incredible flow in a warm space.

2024 New Year Intention Setting

Zoom Workshop
Sunday, January 7, 11-12:30pm 


A journey to explore the distinction between resolutions and intentions for the year 2024. Discover how intentions offer a flexible and compassionate framework, allowing for mindful growth and adaptation. Engage in reflective exercises to understand your values and aspirations, creating a blueprint for meaningful intentions. Learn practical techniques for articulating your vision and integrating mindfulness into daily life. 


Join us as we work on shaping 2024 with authenticity and purpose, ensuring a year of meaningful growth and fulfillment.

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