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Yoga doesn't have to be so serious.

Let me help you learn to LOVE to move your body in a playful and thoughtful way.
There are no rules, just LAUGHTER!

Join the Laughing Yogi Community today!

“Working with Stephanie has helped remove the insecurity about being unfit.  I never feel like I am out of place in class.  I have started feeling my own strength again.  She makes me feel encouraged and motivated  and has a kind spirit that is not threatening or intimidating.  I love that she always laughs while teaching”

Jennifer R.

"Stephanie is so good at explaining not only WHAT to do, but WHY we do it...six months of doing yoga with her and I feel changed. 

I'm getting stronger.  The range of motion in my shoulders is like I am brand new.

Her presentation is fluid and loving.  I am grateful for the challenge."

Charlie H.

"I was afraid of yoga because of my arthritis.  Through Stephanie's excellent guidance I can now put pressure on my hands and even do arm balances!  I feel so much better doing things I did not think I could do anymore...I have mastered the splits at 54 years old.  The big bonus was seeing an extra 30 yards on my golf shots."

Nancy L.

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